Life on Baldy Mountain During the Corona Crisis

Eerie is the word I hear so many of my local friends use to describe the way it currently feels in Breckenridge. It’s likely been at least 30 years since the town has been so quiet. Six months ago, if you’d asked me to bet a million dollars that the mayor of Breckenridge would never tell people to pack up and go home the week of Spring Break, I’d have lost it all by taking that bet.

With two-thirds of the homes on Baldy Mountain being second homes, our neighborhood is extremely quiet. The only traffic is from residents occasionally leaving their homes for groceries and a few die-hard locals parking at the Baldy Trailhead to skin up the mountain. With the current regulation banning short-term rentals and the mayor asking that not even second-homeowners be here, it’s easy to tell which homes have year-round residents and which ones are empty.

I’m proud and happy to say that the crime rate is very low in Breckenridge. Historically, the occasional burglaries and vandalism most often occur during our mud season. Many seasonal workers are left without jobs and a few who are uncertain about their next paycheck or move turn to desperate measures to make ends meet. Our community Facebook page typically alerts everyone of where thefts are taking place. In the face of our current nationwide crisis, thousands of our residents are unexpectedly out of jobs. Sadly, it seems the mud season crime spree is beginning a bit early this year. However, the vast majority of our residents are good and kind-hearted people who are looking out for others as well as themselves. I’ve seen countless acts of kindness and concern from our community towards each other. We are of the attitude that this crisis is going to pass quickly, our visitors will return, and our beautiful mountain town home is going to be filled with mountain lovers once again.

If you have a home on or near Baldy Mountain in Breckenridge that needs a welfare check, maintenance, or home-care task of any kind, please consider letting us help you out! There is no contractual obligation or commitment to our service.

If you are not a permanent resident, but care about our community, please consider making a donation to the Family & Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC). FIRC provides a variety of assistance to workers and residents of our county- the ones our resort community depends on for their contribution to our workforce. If you own property in Summit County, I know you want to see the community stay steady on its feet. We want our visitors back so that the beauty and peace of this incredible place can continue to feed the souls of those who love it.

Your Breckenridge Vacation Home

Your Breckenridge vacation home is not only one of your most valuable possessions, it’s also likely one of your most beloved. Security and inspections are key factors for your peace of mind, even if you live just an hour away in the Front Range. You know as well as we do how often I-70 or 285 can be closed year round, especially during the winter months.

In-town personnel is essential in our high-altitude environment and resort-minded culture.  Because our staff lives and works here, we know the toll our climate has on our homes, what to look out for, and what preventative measures need to be taken.  A vacation home in Summit County is subject to damage from wildlife, squatters, snow, ice, freezing temps, and neighboring rental guests. Security cameras are wonderful, but if you don’t have someone nearby to act quickly in response to unwanted activity captured by your camera, the main result will be increased anxiety.

While guests, cleaners, and vendors are in and out of your home, they cannot be relied upon to ensure your home is locked with all windows and doors secured.  Typically, cleaners are the first ones in the home following guest departure, but quite often they have multiple homes to clean in one day on a tight timeline.  A post-clean inspection with a fresh set of eyes that are also familiar with your home is crucial for noticing anything amiss as well as checking every single window and door. Summit Spy believes that post-stay inspections are one of the most critical areas in maintaining meticulous care of your home.  Having someone who knows your home well enables them to recognize damage or missing items.

If your second home is not occupied by your family or rental guests on a regular basis, you need someone to go in and flush toilets, turn faucets on and off, inspect crawl spaces and boiler rooms, and run appliances like the dishwasher to protect the seals (just as one example).

Summit Spy loves the properties in our care as much as we love our own homes. We are fiercely protective of our client’s property. Providing your home with TLC makes us happy!

For other homeowner tips, please see Tips for Choosing a Property Manager, Guest Management, and Marketing Your Vacation Home.

Summit Spy is Born

breckenridge property management

With over 4000 vacation rentals in the town Breckenridge and surrounding unincorporated area of the county, it’s easy to see why there is a  huge variety in the types of services needed by the individual homeowners. Some homeowners do not rent their properties in between their own visits, some may want to rent for a few weeks or months at a time, while others need a full service management company to handle every detail of year-round guest reservations and care of their property.

For those homeowners who don’t want or need full service management (along with their hefty commissions), Summit Spy aims to fill the gap with a very customized, boutique style service by a provider with a small inventory of homes in our care.

Summit Spy is like having a knowledgeable and trustworthy neighbor,  the nosy neighbor who sees and hears everything, lives nearby full time and can be called on when needed for all of your home-related issues.

Most management companies have properties that may span a 30-mile radius or greater with employees who don’t always want to make the drive up Boreas Pass or Moonstone. Summit Spy specializes in the Baldy Mountain area of Breckenridge only. We are already up here at 10,000 plus feet, know the neighborhood well, and can be at your home in minutes.